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In the diet, A.A. are provided by protein from meats, dairy products, eggs, fishes. These proteins are the ones that have the most balanced intake of amino acids. A.A. can also be derived from protein from cereals or legumes. The amino acids are necessary for the proper development and protection of the body to then make its own proteins such as antibodies, enzymes, hormones, etc. If humans lack protein and therefore amino acids, this can result in decreased energy, muscle pain, etc. In order to avoid any risks associated with a deficiency, it is possible to have a supplemented intake of amino acids.

There are about twenty different amino acids that can be found in plants and animal meat. These amino acids can be grouped into two categories: the essential A.A. that cannot be synthetized by the body and thus must be brought through diet (leucine, isoleucine, methionine, etc.), and non-indispensable A.A. that can be produced endogenously by the body from other proteins.

Amino acids are classically extracted from the feathers of chickens, geese, or ducks… sometimes even human hair! In some parts of the world, feathers are “harvested” from live animals. Although the European Commission has banned the use of feathers as raw materials for the extraction of amino acids in order to ensure respect for animal welfare and good sanitary conditions, some imported products unfortunately do not always comply with these rules. In order to meet our values and commitments, our amino acids are produced using an innovation fermentation technology using vegetable materials rich in sugar (sugar cane, tapioca, corn). Our amino acids are therefore vegan and certified GMO free.

Esenco offers a wide variety of conventional and vegan amino acids. Depending on your formulation and application needs, these extracts may be available as a powder: dry or fluid for use in the food supplement, food, nutrition, health, etc. industries.

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