organic certified additives

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Image bannière page

A food additive is added to foodstuffs with a technological purpose. It can be added during manufacturing, processing, packaging, transport or storage. The food additve is therefore integrated into the finished products during its development in order to obtain different functions and guarantee the quality of the finished products.

Depending on the additive added, it can meet various properties: guaranteeing the food safety of the finished product, improving the taste or texture of the food, obtaining a predefined texture, and guaranteeing optimal stability of the product. All our additives are natural additives, i.e. obtained from microorganisms, algae, plant extracts or minerals.

Esenco offers a wide variety of organic additives. Depending on your formulation and application needs, these extracts may be available in a variety of forms: dry or fluid for use in the food supplement, food, nutrition, health, etc. industries.

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