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Probiotics are living microorganisms that contain bacteria or yeasts naturally present in the body. Their role is essential in many function of our body such as digestion, immunity, slimming effect, etc.

The instestinal flora is made up of good and bad bacteria. The right balance between these bacteria keeps you healthy. Consuming probiotics restores a certain harmony.

The role of probiotics is varied especially on immune system and digestive comfort improvement.

Our probiotics are obtained from a « pure culture », i.e. a colony of identical cells from a « mother » cell. In order to ensure their proper conservation, it is necessary to stabilize the bacterial population. To do this, a low temperature drying is carried out in order to gradually eliminate the water so that the microbial metabolism is stopped allowing the bacteria to remain in a state called « dormancy ».

The freeze-drying technique provides longer shelf life. Our probiotics can also be stabilized by the technique of tyndalization.

Esenco offers a wide variety of active or tyndalized probiotics. Depending on your formulation or application needs, these probiotics are available in powder form at different concentrations from 2 to 200 billion/g for use in the food supplement, agri-food, nutrition, health, etc. industries.

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