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Beehive products come from the processing by bees of substances from flowers or plants . There are two categories of products from the hive: products made directly by bees such as royal jelly and beeswax, and plant products such as honey, propolis and pollen. Their natural properties are used to meet various human needs.

The world of bees is a vast world with blooms, biodiversity, pollination, swarming, etc. Born more than 65 million years ago, the so-called honeybee, Apis mellifera, is a pollinating insect that includes more than 100,000 species. These bees live in community within their hive, either in the wild of farmed with a beekeeper. In general, there are about 50,000 bees in a hive. Through the pollination process, bees help maintain biodiversity and ecosystem balance while developing products that are virtuous for human health.

Propolis is the flagship product made by bees. Indeed, propolis is a unique products from nature, it is the result of a synergy between flora and fauna. Bees collect exudates from certain plants, specific resins, barks and atmospheric agents to make propolis with the addition of an enzyme produced by their salivary gland. Within their hive, bees prevent infections by spreading with propolis the inside of the hive, preventing the spread of bacteria and fungi harmful to the well-being of the hive and colony.

The benefits and virtues of propolis are multiple: anti-infective, antibiotic, antiviral, powerful antioxydant, etc. Propolis stimulates the immune system. Our propolis extracts come from innovative process and a very high quality extraction. This process ensures the natural potential of propolis extracts, while making them reproductible, standardized and characterized. The polyphenolic complex (flavonoids, phenolic acids…) remains intact in our extracts. Thus, our extracts of dry or fluid propolis (alcoholic, glyceric, glycolic, oily) contain the same polyphenolic complexes.

Esenco offers a wide variety of conventional or organic beehive products. Depending on your formulation and application needs, these extracts may be available in a variety of forms: dry or fluid for use in the food supplement, food, nutrition, health, etc. industries.

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