our range of natural organic ingredients

In line with its strong commitment to quality, traceability and transparency, Esenco offers a wide rande of more than 100 references of ingredients and natural extracts from organic agriculture.

Your formulations and applications can be numerous and diversified thanks to our multiple families of ingredients designed and developed for the food supplement, food processing, specialised nutrition and health industries.

We offer different families of organic ingredients to meet your needs:

  • botanical extracts: standardisation in active or extraction ratios, traceability (artickoke, rocket, valerian…)
  • beehive products: european production of propolis extracts, organic honey of European origin, royal jelly,
  • natural vitamins and minerals: calcareous algae with guaranteed calcium content, sea lettuce extract with guaranteed magnesium content, fermented carrot rich in vitamin B12,
  • fruits and vegetables: fruit and vegetable flours, rich in proteins, fibers, oligoelements, minerals (banana, strawberry, coconut, sweet potato…)
  • vegetal fibers: micronised fibers and 100% natural, up to 80% total fiber (psyllium, cocoa, peas…)
  • additives: natural additives obtained from micro-organisms, algae, plant extracts (erythritol, gum arabic…)
  • yeast powders and extracts: brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), culinary extract and flavour enhancers,
  • colouring foodstuffs: concentrates of fruits, vegetables and plants with colouring properties in shades (caramelised onion, caramelised apple…)
  • others categories: natural sweetening powder of agave syrup, soluble prebiotic fibers such as agave inulin.

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