boniface™ – calcareous algae / calcium

botanical name : Lithothamnium sp.

part of plant : whole algae

form : powder

standardisation : 28% calcium

description :


Our calcareous algae is rich in calcium which increases done density.

In addition to calcium, our calcareous algae contains minerals that are essential for the support of bones such as magnesium, copper, nickel, potassium, etc.

Our calcareous algae comes from organic agriculture and guaranteed GMO-free.


sustainable harvesting of our organic calcareous algae…

Traditionnaly , the lithothamnium products are harvested dead, by dredging out the seabed, resulting in the destruction of the natural environment and ocean floor.

Our organic Calcareous Algae powder (Lithothamnium spp), produced exclusively from wild live harvested fresh seaweeds.

Harvesting is done by hand in designated areas, with controlled water quality by trained harvesters so as not to endanger the natural resource, in accordance with organic regulations. In order to prevent negative impact on the environment , the «crop» is done only with seaweed already detached from the ocean floor, and beacked.

In addition to its high calcium content, which helps to increase bone density and preserve bone, this seaweed contains essential minerals and trace elements.


possible claims according to EU regulation 432/2012

contribute to

– normal blood coagulation
– normal energy metabolism
– normal muscle function
– normal neurotransmission
– normal functioning of digestive enzymes
– the process of cell division and specialisation
– maintenance of normal bone structure
– maintenance of normal dentition

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